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Our selection of books on the history, archaeology, and natural environment of the Lompoc Valley can't be beat!
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New and Recent Books of
Local Interest

  • “Layers: Composite Photographs from the Lompoc Valley” by Kam Jacoby. $26.50 + shipping & handling.
  • “Lompoc: Padres to Pinot” by John McReynolds. $16.25 + shipping & handling.
  • “Large Art in Small Places: Discovering the California Mural Towns” by Kevin Bruce. $27.00 + shipping & handling.
Local interest books available at the museum.
  • “This Was Sudden: How Rancho Punta de la Concepción Became the Sudden Ranch” by Kevin (Lex) Palmer. $20.00 + shipping & handling.
  • “Acres of Loveliness: The Flower-Seed Industry of the Lompoc Valley” by Bess Gedney Christensen. $16.25 + shipping & handling.
  • “Vanished, Lompoc's Japanese, Of One Hundred Families Only Two Returned,” by John McReynolds. (Not pictured above) $16.25 + shipping & handling.

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T-shirts featuring the artwork of Local artist Julia Rodgers. T-shirts available in red, yellow, black, natural, and sage. Short-sleeve ($15). Long-sleeve ($18 - red and black only). Adult Size S - XXL, Children Size L (14-16). Call 805-736-3888 for in-stock colors and shipping costs.

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