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New and Recent Books of Local Interest

  • “Layers: Composite Photographs from the Lompoc Valley” by Kam Jacoby. 2009. $26.50 + shipping & handling. Local artist creates new unique images by layering vintage photos over new photographs taken of the same structure/scene, duplicating the angle of the original photographer.
  • “Lompoc: Padres to Pinot” by John McReynolds. 2009. $16.25 + shipping & handling. An easy read of historical vignettes exploring many interesting aspects of Lompoc history.
  • “Large Art in Small Places: Discovering the California Mural Towns” by Kevin Bruce. 2009. $27 + shipping & handling. Includes extensive pictorial coverage of Lompoc’s murals.
  • “This Was Sudden: How Rancho Punta de la Concepción Became the Sudden Ranch” by Kevin (Lex) Palmer.  2006. $20 + shipping and handling. An Illustrated History of The Sudden Family and Sudden Ranch on South Vandenberg AFB. Great historic photographs and maps.
  • “Acres of Loveliness: The Flower-Seed Industry of the Lompoc Valley” by Bess Gedney Christensen, 2006. $16.25 + shipping & handling. A comprehensive and eminently readable history of the seed industry in Lompoc. Includes many historic photographs.
  • “Vanished, Lompoc's Japanese, Of One Hundred Families Only Two Returned,” by John McReynolds. 2010. $16.25 + shipping & handling. Before World War II, there were 100 Japanese families living in Lompoc; upon their release from internment camps, only two families resettled here. John McReynolds’ new book examines why.

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